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    The Grooa Approach

    Our pioneering behavioural models, supported by our robust training & development methods, help senior executives and their teams foster an inclusive and courageous culture where all talents bring up their best together.

    We believe that Diversity of Ideas is the birthplace of every human advances. We also know that Diversity of Ideas can easily create polarisation and resistance. Some might be tempted to compromise on a quick agreement in the hope of saving time, only to find out that unexplored divergencies create misunderstandings, duplication, and disengagement, which slow progress down the road.

    We therefore focus on raising awareness on the risks of agreeing without aligning upfront, and design bespoke strategies to train talents and establish appropriate governance.

    We specifically encourage transparent and non-judgmental Courageous Conversations early in the decision-making process, to accelerate co-creation of sustainable value with empowered teams.

    We work together with our Clients to identify bespoke programs and implement the necessary governance to create shared ownership and to establish mutual accountability.





    Do You Want to develop an entrepreneurial organization, able to create sustainable long-term growth?

    Do You Want to foster a learning culture based on Open Dialogue?

    Do You Want to prepare your team to leverage on market and technology changes and turn them into innovative opportunities?

    Do You Want to unleash the potential of your team, to ideate, design and execute innovative solutions?

    Do You Want for yourself and your team to nurture the confidence, inquisitiveness, transparency, courage, and business acumen that will make you co-create a sustainable value for your business and the world that you impact?


    We take a holistic view to help you transform your operations into a more productive, inclusive, innovative, and exciting place of work. Combining our international business expertise with behavioral neuroscience, we bring awareness on how to best leverage on your human capital; with a simple and practical approach to leadership training and strategy implementation, we help build resilience and engagement, so that you can transition from top-down control to trust-based governance of empowered, decentralised, yet flexible and synergistic teams.”

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    What I learnt in over 30 years of leading international businesses, is that truly rewarding success is when all the people around me succeed. When we work together for the greater good, rather than focusing on our egos, it is easier to be outspoken, persistent, and creative. That is why I decided to leave my corporate job and set up a consultancy, so that I could reach out to a broader audience and help many more succeed… with a smile!

    Laura Lozza

    Managing Partner


    Grooa AS has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Top Leadership Development Award by Manage HR Magazine. Every Year, Manage HR scouts the market to identify and highlight the emerging consultancies that stand at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.

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